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New UV/Visible light source available from Norland Products!!


Opticure UV/Vis Wand

The Norland Opticure UV/VIS Wand is a first of its kind light source.  Less expensive than our LED 200 it is both a UV and visible light curing system that uses powerful light emitting diodes as its light source.  The Opticure UV/VIS Wand has a UV and visible energy output up to 1.8 watt/cm 2 and can emit 365nm /385nm light , 405nm /420nm light or a combination of  both.


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New Distributor for France named by Norland Products.


APM Technica AG is now the official distribtuor for Norland Products in France.  Their contact information is listed below. 


Dr. Thorsten Bertsch.




49-8196-998 7761


49-8196-998 7762


Stoffener Strasse 37

D-86932 Pürgen-Ummendorf,














Norland Adhesives

USP Class VI certified:


Norland NOA 61, NOA 68, NOA 86 and NOA 86H have all been certified by an outside lab to meet USP Class VI requirements.



Smart Glass???????


The Smart Glass Industry has been adding Liquid Cyrstals to our adhesives for many years and using the mixture to make unique products.  In a relaxed state the adhesive is opaque.  When an electrical charge is activated the adhesive become clear.  Click on the link below to see some of the unique ways these materials are used..




Point of Purchase Screens use NOA 68.


The next time you are at a Home Depot, Target or your local Bank's ATM look at the LCD screen on the device you use to pay for your purchase or withdraw your cash.  The NOA 68 is used to bond the glass cover to the touch sensitive mylar film underneath.  Even if the glass is broken the device continues to work.



Norland UV Adhesive News


               New Adhesives at Norland!


A new adhesive with a high refractive index of 1.70 has been added to our product line.  NOA 170F is soft and flexible as compared to our NOA 170. 


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NOA 170F.

NOA 86, NOA 87 and now NOA 86H are new adhesives available that meet Bellcore's high temperature (85C) and high humidity (85%) specification for fiber optic and telcom application.  Click on the links below for additional information.

   NOA 86       NOA 87     NOA 86H


High refractive index NOA 160 and NOA 1665  are low viscosity UV curing adhesives now available from Norland with a refractive indexes of 1.60 and 1665.  For information on these new adhesives click on the link below or contact Tim Norland at




Norland now manufactures low refractive index adhesives from 1.315 to 1.48.    For information on these new adhesives  click the link below.

adhesiveindex2.html#LR  or contact Tim Norland at


Conflict Materials Statement:

Norland Products Inc. has not knowingly purchased or plans to purchase or use any conflict materials from the Democratic Republic of Congo or its' nine adjoining countries.