Norland Products Inc. began in 1960 as a manufacturer of specialized gelatin used in the electronics industry. The concept of its beginning was in these four parts:

1. Modern industry evolves on technical know-how. The market we wanted to enter would be dependent on the technical expertise that we could furnish.

2. This is also the age of specialization. Initially we decided to concentrate on light sensitive adhesives and coatings.

3. Large corporations require substantial volumes to warrant producing a specific product. We felt that there was a potential for a small company which could manufacture products that a large corporation would never consider.

4. We therefore agreed to develop products that had relative low volume, but were high in value and were technically sophisticated.


During the past 62 years we have developed a line of products that command considerable interest in the market place. Our relationship to the camera industry led us to the development in 1973 of a line of ultraviolet curing adhesives originally used for bonding lenses, but later branching out into military and commerical optics, Fiber Optics, LEDs, LCDs, OLEDs, Lasers, Lithography, Wave Guides, microfabrication, Bioscience and Electronic applications....

Our office is located in Jamesburg, New Jersey, USA.  Products we manufacture include, ultraviolet curing optical adhesives, UV curing electronic adhesives, and fiber optic equipment.   We also distribute UV and visible light curing light sources and Fish Gelatin and Fish Collagen manufactured in Nova Scotia, Canada by Kenney and Ross Ltd.

Most of our products are unique and must have high performance properties with definite advantages to be accepted over alternative products in the market place. For instance, our ultraviolet curing optical adhesives are one part adhesives that cure in seconds when exposed to UV light and are used for bonding lenses, prisms and other precision optics. The speed and accuracy allowed by these products are advantageous to the user but it is the high optical quality and superior physical performance that leads the customer to choose it over other products on the market.

Another example is our high purity gelatin. We extract the gelatin from the skins of cold water fish to make a unique product used by a variety of industries ranging from technical to the food and pharmaceutical. Our gelatin is different than regular animal gelatin in that a water solution remains a liquid at room temperature instead of a gel. This offers great advantages in handling the material in production,minimizing difficulties such as temperature and viscosity control, yet providing the desirable properties only available from gelatin.

Selling to the worldwide market, we get a special satisfaction from doing things no other company is doing. By specializing in certain areas, we have developed a reputation of excellence in our fields. It is this reputation we strive to uphold as we develop new ideas and new products for industry.