Cure Time and Intensity

   One Joule of energy = 1,000 milliWatt seconds = 1,000,000 microWatt seconds

   The formula you use to find out how many seconds you need to cure the adhesive is listed below.

   Time for Cure x UV intensity at adhesive = Light Energy needed to cure converts to:

   Time for Cure = (Light Energy needed to cure) divided by (UV Intensity at adhesive)

   This calculation is for adhesive thicknesses from 1 to 10 mils.


  Calculating the time needed to cure the NEA 123 using a light source that generates an intensity of 6,000

  microWatts/sq. cm at adhesive.

  1: To fully cure the NOA 123 you need 4.5 Joules/sq. cm of light energy.

  a: Time = (4.5 Joules/sq. cm) divided by (6,000 microWatts/sq. cm)

  b: 4.5 Joules/sq. cm = 4,500,000 microWatt seconds/sq. cm

  c: Time = (4,500,000 microWatt seconds/sq. cm) divided by (6,000 microWatts/sq. cm)

  Answer: Time for cure = 750 seconds = 12 minutes, 30 seconds


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