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      Listed below are links to patents, abstracts, and companies that use Norland UV and heat curing adhesives.

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Restoration/Repair (NOA 83H)
Polymer-Impregnated Turquoise (NOA 65)
Gemstone Filling  (NOA 71)
Gemstone Bonding  (NOA 61)
Glass and Metal Art Designs  (NOA 61 and 71)
Glass Blowing (NOA 61)
Glass Dresses (NOA 61)


 Stresses on Bumps due to Thermal Cycles on Kapton Circuits

     (NOA 61)

 Highly Flexible Transparent Electrodes    (NOA 63)

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Coating High-Index Fiber (NOA 13685)
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3D Printing

Freeform Polymeric Microstructures  (NEA 123MB and NEA 123T)


Design and Fabrication of a High-Density 2D Fiber Array for  Holographic Switching Applications (NOA 61)

Holographic Recording (NOA 68)
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Ink Jet Printing
High Resolution Jet Printing (NOA 74)


Home-Built Laser and Power Supply Construction (NOA 71)

Quenching and Recovery of Photoluminescence Intensity

of  Silicon Nanoparticles Embedded in Optically Transparent 

Polymer (NOA 65) 

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Smart Films
Fast-Switching Electrooptical Films  (NOA 65)
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Liquid Crystal Displays

Pinning Effects on the phase separation dynamics of thin  polymer-dispersed liquid crystals  (NOA 65)

Holigraphic Polymer-dispersed LCs (NOA 65)
Single-Domain LCD With Wide
Luminance Distribution
(NOA 1315)
Electrically switchable Fresnel lens using a
polymer-separated composite film
(NOA 65)
Phase Separation Dynamics (NOA 65)
Optical Switching Behaviors of Liquid Crystal (NOA 73)
Tuning of Holographic Liquid Crystal Gratings (NOA 76)
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Fluorescent Lithography for Live Cell Imaging   (NOA 60)
Fluorescent Two-Photon Nanolithography   (NOA 60)
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Controlled Drop Generation for Digital MicroFluidic Systems by Means of Electrowetting  (NOA 81)
Unconventional Patterning Methods for BioNEMS  (NOA 63)

Rapid Prototyping Materials for Microfluidic Devices            

    (NOA 81)

Fast Integration Technique Making Microfluidic Devices  

    (NOA 81)

 Microfluidic Devices Made of UV-Curable Glue (NOA81) for     Fluorescence Detection

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LED Lens Replication (NOA 65)

Transistors Fabricated by Printing (NOA 73)
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Micro-optical Components for a MEMS Integrated Display  


Solid Propellent Micro Thruster   (NOA 88)

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Optical Lenses

Mounting a Lens in a Ring Housing(NOA 65)
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Glass Slide Preparation

Diatom Slides (NOA 61)
Biostratigraphy Diatoms (NOA 81)
Calcareous Nannofossils (NOA 61)
Paleontology (NOA 81)
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Low-loss Polymeric Optical Waveguides (NOA 61)
Polymeric waveguide prism-based electro-optic beam deflector     (NOA 61)

Proton Beam Writing of Passive Polymer Optical Waveguides  

     (NOA 88)

Liquid Filled Optical Waveguide Patent (NOA 61)


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Forensic Science

New Methods for Trace Evidence Analysis  (NOAs)

Future Lab-Overlayed Photomicrographs on page 10  (NOA )

The Flourescence Microscope:Set-up/Operation pg 182 NOA 65

A Forensic Fiber Examiner Training Manual (NOA 65)

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