Norland Optical Adhesive 139


Norland Optical Adhesive 139 is clear liquid adhesive that will cure when exposed long wavelength ultraviolet light. NOA 139 is recommended for bonding for glass to glass. Adhesion is also good to cellulose acetate butyrate.  NOA 139 is cured by ultraviolet or visible light between 315 to 450 nm. Full cure requires 6 Joules/cm 2 . The adhesive exhibits oxygen inhibition when used as a coating.  To overcome this the adhesive must be cured under an inert atmosphere, such as nitrogen.



Typical Properties of NOA 139



Viscosity @ 25C 865 cps

Refractive Index




Modulus (psi) 14,850
Tensile (psi)   807
Elongation at Failure   51
Shore D   45

Temperature Range

 -15 C to 90° C



Keep NOA 139 in a cool (5-22 ° C) dark place. If refrigerated, allow the adhesive to come to room temperature before using.


Care should be taken in handling the this material. The material Safety Data Sheet should be read for this product. Prolonged contact with skin should be avoided and affected areas should be washed thoroughly with copious amounts of soap and water. If adhesive gets into eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.



Spectral Transmission of NOA 139

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