Norland Electronic Adhesive 155

Norland Electronic Adhesive 155

Norland Electronic Adhesive 155 ("NEA155") is a single component, red, solvent free adhesive that cures in minutes at high temperatures to form an electrically insulating polymer for bonding, sealing or potting of electronic components.

NEA 155 is a soft, smooth, thixotropic paste that can be readily applied by syringe, screen printing or pin transfer techniques. It is ideal for bonding SMT devices to printed circuit boards so that they can pass through the solder bath without shifting.

The advantage of this adhesive is its long shelf life and fast cure. The adhesive will not dry out, change viscosity or cure up under normal handling conditions making it ideal for automated equipment.

NEA 155 shows excellent adhesion to printed circuit boards, ceramics, metals and many plastics. When cured it has excellent electrical resistance that will not change or deteriorate with age.

Specifications of NEA 155

ViscosityThixotropic paste
Cure Schedule
125° C
150° C

20 minutes

10 minutes

Service Temperature
150° C
300° C
Shelf Life4 months at room temp.

Typical Properties of NEA 155

Dielectric Constant (1 MHz)4.0
Dissipation Factor (1 MHz)0.045
Volume Resistivity (ohm-cm)1 x 10 to the 15 power
Surface Resistivity (Megohms)1 x 10 to the 9 power
Dielectric Strength (volts)980
Arc Resistance (sec)95
Shore D 90

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